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Your on-line business presence should be saving you costs and delivering growth in the form of brand awareness, sales leads, and sales. Most SME websites are not delivering their full potential in this respect, and could really benefit from a personalised development plan.

Why not make a start NOW in understanding how to get better value from your website by requesting our personalised Website Audit Report, which will include a competitor comparison?

Our 5 step approach to effective Web Marketing.

  1. Marketing strategy
    Your marketing strategy should integrate your website into your business communication and sales promotion plans.
  2. Search engine optimisation (SEO score)
    Do you know how the search engines are currently scoring your website, and which elements you should plan to improve?
  3. Search engine results ranking
    Do you know your website content keyword density, and how those keywords and phrases (for both natural and paid for search results) rank for the major search engines?

  4. Measurement of performance
    Do you monitor the level of unique visitor traffic (and sales/leads) to provide a basic measure of improvement (e.g. for ROI estimation)?
  5. Usability
    Do you understand how visitors enter and navigate through your website? A view of the main website traffic highways and paths across the website is helpful to understand this.

    Website traffic mapping

    Fig 5: An example of webpage entry traffic volumes, and
    between page traffic flows.

Why not make a start TODAY in ensuring you get better value from your website by requesting our personalised Website Audit Report, which includes a competitor comparison? Why not apply for a Growth Voucher to match fund your request for strategic advice.

Ashley Coleman-Cooke

AshleyAs a chartered chemical engineer with both sales and marketing experience, Ashley has had over 30 years experience working in a range of technical and commercial roles for both small and large companies.

Ashley has always had a passion for bridging the communication divide between IT and marketing, and has a successful record of developing and delivering practical marketing solutions which enhance the business on-line presence and value.

Core areas of expertise are related to business strategy development, value delivery, change management, marketing, and sales.

Ashley’s specific areas of interest now relate to small business support in website usability, search engine optimisation, Google Adwords, and web traffic analysis.

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