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This personalised website audit report (approx 8 pages) will make at least 4 recommendations to improve your on-line presence for search engines, and cover the following:
  1. Your website 'SEO score', which rates your website on the following attributes: Domain Birthdate, Total Incoming Links, Deep link ratio, high value links, Google PageRank, Google Cache Date, No of links from unique domains.
  2. Your website position in Google UK for 10 - 15 of your popular target keywords (for both natural, and 'paid for' positioning).
  3. A website scan to identify any areas of content improvement for better search engine ranking.
  4. For your popular target keywords, an analysis (Google Adwords) to provide the estimated no of monthly searches, level of competition, and average cost per click, for budgeting a keyword advertising campaign.
  5. A competitor review to identify the relative SEO strengths and keyword positioning of at least 2 competitors for the target keywords. 
  6. An explanation of all the terms that are used to provide the SEO score for your website.
Following your agreement to proceed we would expect to be able to deliver your personalised Web Audit Report within 10 days.

Please contact us to register your interest without obligation.
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